University Politehnica of Bucharest took part in two relevant conferences in Septemeber and November. The first one, BIOMMEDD 2018, was held on 27-28 September at Cluj-Napoca (Romania) with an attendance of 80 people approximately. In relation to NMP-REG project the following themes were discussed:

  • new trends related the nanomaterials applications in medicine (dental nanocomposites, nanocoatings for medical implants, magnetic nanoparticles in diagnostics & drug delivery)
  • a potential partnership between universities and SME's in order to propose new research projects
  • design a new website for the community working on nanomaterials and nanotechnology for medical applications - NANO4MED
  • find calls for funding research on nanotechnology and nanomaterials for medical applications
  • identify the regional priorities from medical specialization point of view (dentistry and orthopedics were identified as more interested medical specializations in using nanomaterials, especially for drug delivery and antibacterials effects).

The second event was the 7th International Conference on Materials Science and TechnologiesRoMat 2018 which was held in Bucharest (Romania) from November 15th to 18th, 2018. The conference had an audience of about 50 people and continue the tradition of successful conferences organized every two years by the Faculty Materials Science and Engineering from University Politehnica of Bucharest with the support of national and international scientific community on materials science and engineering. Particularly,  NMP-REG project was considered in relation to numerous themes such as:

  • presentation of the new techniques for nanomaterials characterization
  • lack of knowledge about university/research facilities and activities (for this reason, it was made some presentation of different existing facilities for nanomaterials characterization)
  • design a new website for the community working on nanomaterials and nanotechnology for manufacturing - NANO4MANU
  • Identify the industrial (SME's) needs from an intellectual property point of view and lack of trust for transferring technology from joint research-industry projects
  • identify the regional priorities from the manufacturing point of view and industrial applications (electronics, medical, textiles & defense was identified as more interested fields in using nanotechnology and nanomaterials).