The Future Transport conference, now in its 3rd edition, works to develop the debate around transportation in Europe by focusing on the innovation emerging as a result of technical and digital progress.

As more European governments look to phase out the use of petrol and diesel vehicles in their towns and cities, what are the required policy-making and industrial next steps with regards alternative fuel options? As the push towards greater electrification of the transport sector gains increased traction, the conference will look at the requirements for building out the necessary infrastructure and architecture.

Finally, as data and digital technologies are now often seen as panaceas, the conference will look at some practical examples of real-life innovations that are driving decarbonisation and more intelligent transport systems, and look at the policy frameworks necessary to deliver the potential for digital mobility.

Join us on 5 December for an insight into the future of transport!

Agenda & Key themes

Current and future policy-making perspectives, industry, start-up case studies, debates and significant networking opportunities. The key themes will be:

1.    The latest industry and policy-making prospects for various alternative fuel types
2.    The challenges facing governments, industry and society in the shift towards greater electrifiction of the transport sector
3.    Showcasing of concrete solutions and innovations towards the decarbonisation of the transport sector
4.    Technology and the development of new freight and passenger transport solutions

The outline agenda will shortly be available on the event website here. Please click here to add thi s event to your calendar.

For more details, please contact Jakub Janas / +44 (0) 2920 783 076.