On December 3rd and 4th, 2019, the OptiTrans stakeholder workshop organized by the Abruzzo Region took place in Brussels with the aim to effectively present the state of the art of the project and collect contributions in view of delivering the Action Plan due by the end of Phase 1, on December 31st, 2019.

The Project Coordinator for Abruzzo, Ms. Paola Di Salvatore, Head of the Service of Territorial Cooperation IPA and the Service of EU Project Management of the Abruzzo Region, worked enthusiastically on the organization of this dissemination event and followed the works closely to collect observations and suggestions from the stakeholders as regards the best practices and policies on green mobility to foster and spread.
The event was conducted in an interactive way to ensure the utmost dissemination and was articulated in three sessions:
•    the morning session was dedicated to the operational strategic focus group - the Stakeholders were invited to “Casa Abruzzo”, Abruzzo’s regional government branch in Brussels;
•    following, the “word café” info session took place on the occasion of the final event of the Project AI-NUREEC in collaboration with the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion and with the active involvement of all participants in the relevant topics of environmental sustainability on transport and green mobility in the scope of EUSAIR;
•    finally, the third session was organized as an info session at the European Parliament during the plenary session; the work group of the Abruzzo Region, collaborators and stakeholders presented the project objectives and data to foster dissemination and to actively involve the institutional Stakeholders in the tangible support of regulatory actions on sustainable public transport and environmental protection.
The work group took the opportunity to collect interesting contributions also useful for implementing the OptiTrans Action Plan, as well as for shaping regional future policies on sustainable mobility. Moreover, the inputs collected during the event will be instrumental to assessing the actions to propose to the Technical Secretariat of the Interreg Europe Programme, seeing the strategic role that the project-related activities play for the Abruzzo Region, one of the greenest regions in Europe.