Project News

OptiWaMag finishes the final semester in Phase1.


This month, OptiWaMag Interreg Europe Project is finishing the final semester of...

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Portugal hosted international meeting


The Municipality of Lousada shared good practices and examples in the efficient...

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Last semester started!


Last semester started! Optiwamag started its last semester on 1st of February.

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Next OptiWaMag Expert Task Force Meeting


The next OptiWaMag Expert Task Force Meeting will be held on 19th of October.

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Opening event of the pilot project TESLA LAB


The Idea of an Exchange and Repair Centre Gathers People Interested in the...

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New Pilot Action TESLA LAB is on its way


The Pilot Action is being implemented by the two partners of the OptiWaMag...

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Next OptiWaMag Interregional Partner Meeting


Get ready, the next OptiWaMag Interregional Partner Meeting will be held on the...

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OptiWaMag partners voted for an extra semester!


The extension will apply to the whole partnership, the new project end date...

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OptiWaMag partners evaluated the first period


An internal survey was initiated by the Lead Partner, it had 7 questions...

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5th partner meeting for OptiWaMag


The next interregional partner meeting will be held in 7-8 April

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Project Optiwamag has been going on for 20 months!


The project Optiwamag seeks innovation in urban waste management policies, the...

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Meet the Team: Municipality of Lousada


The next interviewee in the mini-interview series is Municipality of Lousada

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