On September 2019, the project “Optimization of waste management in urban spaces and in households” (OptiWaMag) was launched with the support of the Interreg Europe programme. Since September 2021 the OptiWaMag project has a new activity – Pilot Action “Circular economy approaches testing reuse laboratories – TESLA LAB”. This Pilot Action is being implemented by the two partners of the OptiWaMag project – Riga Technical university (Latvia) and Municipality of Casalgrande (Italy).

This Pilot Action TESLA LAB is dedicated to testing new innovative approaches for introducing circular economy principle 3R principle (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) in the waste management practices of Latvia within the first Reuse Centre of Latvia located in the landfill Kivites in Liepaja Region following practices and methods applied by the Casalgrande Municipality of Italy (Good Practice “Change the Ending!”), which will contribute to the policy instrument of Latvia – National Waste Management Plan 2021-2028. Thus, exploring experience and testing innovative reuse methods applied by the Casalgrande Municipality will help Latvian stakeholders to learn how to organize the reuse process for different goods in the right way, as well as promote the involvement of society in the reuse process.

All planned activities of the TESLA LAB will be implemented during September 2021 – January 2022. The testing will take place in a new Reuse Centre started in the landfill Kivites in Liepaja Region. This centre is supported by the Liepaja Regional Waste Management centre Liepajas RAS (provided premises and staff for the Reuse Centre), as well as by the Latvian Environmental Protection Foundation (planning the elaboration of the virtual platform for the Reuse Centre in 2022).

For more information: www.buni.rtu.lv/interreg-eu-optiwamag