This month, OptiWaMag Interreg Europe Project is finishing the final semester of the planned activities. The Interreg Europe project seeks innovation in waste management policies in six European regions of Portugal, Sweden, Latvia, Greece, Hungary and Italy.

The project full name is Optimization of waste management in urban spaces and in households and started in 2019. The policy project incorporates interregional collaboration involving a wide range of expert stakeholders, comprises exchange of good practices, mutual learning, peer assessment, knowledge transfer, targeted coaching, and collective, co-designed policy development.

Optiwamag delivers its results through interlinked project activities and outputs during three sequential steps: 1) Identification and Analysis; 2) Interregional Mutual Learning 3) Knowledge Transfer and Action Planning.
The primary outputs include:
- The project self, peer and expert assessment tools and findings focused on regions’ strengths, weaknesses, policy priorities and policy enhancements
- Framework Strategy for developing evidence based and co-designed policies, programmes, and implementation methods and for identifying the best method to improve policy instruments;
- 6 Regional Action Plans (enhanced by the Framework Strategy, pre and interim self assessments and Advisory Board case study) to enhance the implementation of regional policy instruments across Europe.
The Phase 1 period runs from 2019 until July 2022 and the Phase 2 period lasts until July 2023. the Interreg Europe project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.