Osiris is producing a series of webinars to seek answers to questions like

What did we learn from working with co-creation, open and social innovation for regional development during the pandemic?

What learning experiences do we take with us for the future?

What smart solutions or insights from this period will actually change our work in the future?

The third in this series will focus on cyber security in the remote work era

How did the landscape of cyber security change when a lot of people started to work from home almost over night? And what does this mean for public administration organizations?

This webinar will shed light on these questions. The webinar will be live streamed on the Osiris Interreg YouTube channel on September 7 at 16:00 CET. 

Professor Pedro Inacio of the University of Beira Interior will share his insights on the topic and the event will be moderated by our project partner Ricardo Goncalves of the Municipality of Fundao. 

Tune in to take part in this timely webinar!