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Another article about us


On 24 August, 2018 Diputación de Granada has published an article about our...

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Stakeholder group meeting in Slovenia


Summary of the first meeting of stakeholder group from Slovenia

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Project arrives in media


We feel proud that our project arrives in media. Now we call to mind that first...

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Polish partner presentation


We have been presenting our project partnership for a few last weeks. Let us...

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BSC, Business Support Centre Ltd. - Kranj


Presentation of the Slovenian partner - BSC, Business Support Centre Ltd.,...

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PP4 - Provincial council of Granada (Spain)


Spain is the other country that takes some action in our project and its...

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Bulgarian Partner presentation


Bulgaria is another country that takes part in our project. The Vratsa region...

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2nd Project Partner - WSX Enterprise


WSX Enterprise (United Kingdom) represents Hampshire region in our OSS...

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Project Advisory Partner


Presentation of the Advisory Partner of the Project - Artesis Plantijn...

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Lead Partner of the OSS Project


Short introduction of the Leader instituion and staff working with our project.

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The story of the project and Kick-off in Norway


Are you interested in getting more news about our project? This article will...

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