Crowdfunding for startups

What exactly crowdfunding is?

As you already know, our Polish Partners is running Pilot Action, which aim is to present crowdfunding as the possibility to obtain funds for operation of Social Enterprises. Next week, we are opening the series of courses, where we are going to learn about the whole process of the crowdfuning campaign's implementation. Follow our website and social media to get some info on our activity related t that,

Now, let me give you some overiview on the crowdfunding.

If you want to briefly describe the crowdfunding fundraising process - you have an idea for a business and a group of people (community) contribute a small amount to its implementation. However, it is not for free, you, as the originator, pay off the prize - most often related to the project. The big advantage of this type of financing is that you can check the interest of potential customers and receive valuable feedback on the idea and implementation already at the initial stage of the project.

However, it should not be forgotten that crowdfunding is primarily a community. It is important to make relationships, listen to the tips - do not treat crowdfunding as a presale, but as a group of people who want to be part of the project. If you have already achieved the position of an expert in the field in which the project operates, it will be much easier for you, but if you start from scratch, remember to create an engaged group around the project from the very beginning. Your business idea must also be credible in their eyes! So remember that the goal should be specific and measurable.

This is what we are going to be concentrated in, on our courses that will take place in the middle of March and April. Stay tuned for more details!