The second Regional Good Practice from Spain, which was presented during our meting in Bulgaria, was UGR Emprendedora. Entrepreneurs Mentoring & Tutoring is one of  most effective community resources which accelerate and guide  entrepreneurs in order to reach their objectives and develop their ideas and organisations.

Entrepreneurship is not a simple issue. Especially when entrepreneurship is bounded with young students and professor who has no experience in market before. Also, Startups are known as temporary organizations which acts in high risk context and with high index of uncertainty.

Three kinds of mentoring ar run in the University:

  •  Business Mentors: Business people and/or professionals of the sector with a long work experience.
  • Academic Mentors: Professors and / or researchers linked to the University of Granada and who have great technical knowledge in their field of work
  • Student mentors and / or entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs and / or students who are willing to help and / or collaborate with other entrepreneurial projects.

According to this first diagnosis there are 3 possible options regarding the Mentor program:

1)    Idea or seed phase of the project.
The entrepreneur is recommended to carry out one of our entrepreneurship programs.
These programs have a variable duration, from 1 to 5 months, in which the entrepreneurial project is taking shape and consolidating. While the person or entrepreneur team are learning about the generic aspects to cover in a Business so that their idea succeeds. In this first case, each program has a team of mentors linked to it. Between the first and the second week, through the UGR Entrepreneur Technical Team, each project is linked to a specialized mentor, who will accompany and monitor it during the duration of the program.

2)    Middle phase project.
If the entrepreneurial project has already carried out an entrepreneurial program or is somehow more advanced in terms of the development of its project, it usually presents more specific and not so generic needs. In this case, we carry out a mentoring contract with a Mentor belonging to our mentoring partners. This contract of adhesion to the mentor program between both parties usually lasts the academic year

3)    It may happen that the entrepreneurial project is developed or requires only information or help in a punctual manner. In this case, a meeting of a day of tutoring is simply agreed with one of our Mentors to try to advance in this point.

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