The first aircraft in Poland using hydrogen cells to power electric propulsion - the AOS-H2 motor glider has been created  at Rzeszów University of Technology. A consortium composed of: Rzeszów University of Technology (project leader), Warsaw University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology and Zakład Jeżów Glider implemented the National Center for Research and Development project (AOS-H2) as part of the path PBS3 / A6 / 24/2015.

The most important goal of the project was to build an innovative hybrid drive based on a hydrogen cell. This propulsion was built on the glider airframe and then so-called mobile tests were carried out at the OKL airport of Rzeszów University of Technology. In the project, it is innovative to use two ecological sources supplying an electric motor with a propeller: a fuel generator and an electrochemical battery. The effect of combustion of hydrogen is, of course, water (discharged outside the hull) and electricity supplied to the electric engine.

The aforementioned mobile tests showed that they showed correct operation of the entire aircraft. Further work will be possible when Polish legal provisions regulate the flights of aircraft with hydrogen on board.

Doesn't it sound interesting? I can't wait to hear more info about that soon. If you want to get a bit more info, read the Polish article here.