The Covid-19 pandemic, as you already know, caused that some of our project's activities needed to be postponoed. All restrictions across the Europe caused, that we weren't able to organize stakeholder's meeting on a regular basis. During the most dangerous period in most countries, we were requested by national governments to not to run business meetings in a traditional way. So that, our partner from Bulgaria postponed the stakeholders meeting and divided it into two meetings with limited number of attendants to meet the restriction's criterium.


So that, the first meeting took place on 20 May 2020 in the headquarter of our partnership institution - Agency for Regional and Economic Development, Vratsa - in Bulgaria of course. This meeting was attended by representatives of three units:

The first attendant was the representative of the DIALOG Project which  has the objective to improve the effectiveness of innovative policies for regional competitiveness through the involvement of local stakeholders in the policy decision. DIALOG will analyze and exchange experiences and good practices in the field of social innovation. The aim is to define action plans to promote a real participation of the social partners and citizens in the definition and implementation of the innovation ERDF investments.

The second attendant, was the representative of Enterprise Europe Network, what is the network that supports SMEs across the Europe. Enterprise Europe Network is the largest information and consulting network in the world. It encourages innovation to ensure that companies succeed in the market. The network provides support and services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially in the early stages of their development to become more innovative and strengthen their technological capacity.

Also the representative of entrepreneurial scene attended the meeting. During the meeting, lots of important conclusions were made, that will be useful and helpful to our project's implementation. There was also a discussion on involvement of stakeholders to implementation of the regional Action Plan.