Covid-19 pandemic still takes control over the whole world. Everyone try tofight the bad influence on the economy as well as they try to fight the virus itself. Today, I'll let you know about the SyncDx - Polish startup that invited coronavirus test which gives result in only 6 minutes - that is a really huge achievement.


SensDx is a startup that operates in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdans. The company produces diagnostic devices for medical services. When the pandemic arrived also in Europe, they started working on the fast test that will help to diagnose if the person's infected with the virus. After few months, they achieved their goal - in July they arrived  on the market with the test that gives the result in only 6 minutes. Definitely, that will facilitate work for medical services as it will allow to test many people a day. The startup assumed, that they may produce abou 200 000 tests a month.

The company announced the start of work on a coronavirus test. Then they managed to select proteins characteristic for the CoV-2 virus. As part of the work with  construction of the test for SARS-CoV-2, support in the area of ​​biotechnology was provided also by the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine. The strategic partner and investor of SensDx is Neuca SA, which supports the rapid development of SensDx and owns 24.9% of its shares. NEUCA is a company operating in the healthcare market, combining its key areas.

The test developed by SensDX may be used theoretically everywherey. This is very important, because thanks to this, services will be able to control patients faster and more effectively in such places as airports, clinics or border crossings.

The SensDx test checks for the presence of active viral protein and will not give a false-positive result in the presence of residual inactive virus RNA, which is a key factor differentiating SensDx technology from PCR methods. The technology offered by the startup facilitates the detection of the pathogen at a very early stage of the infection, which allows the doctor to react quickly. Choosing the right treatment protocol allows you to avoid the use of antibiotics when a viral infection is detected. Moreover, thanks to this technology, it is also possible to detect oncological markers, DNA and RNA.