Produced by each region, the action plan is a document providing details on how the lessons learnt  from the cooperation will be implemented in order to improve the policy instrument addressed within their region. It specifies the nature of the actions to be implemented, their timeframe, the stakeholders involved, the costs and funding sources as well as the way the action derives from the project. 

The six OUR WAY project regions are completing their action plans with the recommendation of advisory partner European Greenways Association (EGWA) in this semester 6, due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19. These will be implemented in phase 2 during 2021and 2022.

 Find the Action Plans through these links:

- Región de Murcia (Spain)

- Northern and Western Regional Assembly (Ireland)

- Podkarpackie Region (Poland)

- Departmental Council of Herault (France)

- Hajdú-Bihar County Government (Hungary)

- Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Vratsa (Bulgaria)