Policies to improve rural areas’ innovation systems by professionalising networking activities and use of innovation tools

P-IRIS brought together 6 rural regions facing the problem of young people leaving because they do not find jobs answering their professional aspirations. There is therefore a need to boost innovation in these areas in order to develop knowledge-based or creative businesses, offering attractive jobs for well–educated and creative young people.

Join us for the two-part Final Conference, on-line on 10th and 11th February 2021, to find out how partners addressed this challenge!

What can you expect from the event?

- Digital workshop on Living labs and user groups as part of rural innovation systems

Are you interested in smart communities and smart villages, innovation networks and living labs and how the concepts can be applied in rural areas? Join us February 10th, 12.50 – 15.30, at a digital workshop on Living labs and user groups as part of rural innovation systems. The focus will be on inhabitants as partners in innovation. You will hear examples from Norway and have the opportunity to learn about GNIST, a Norwegian program introducing methodology for initiating innovation processes based upon public needs. 

- Presentation of project achievements

Thursday, February 11th, 9.50 – 12.45, will be dedicated to project achievements and official conclusion of the project. P-IRIS partners will present a new tool-box designed to give access to a set of tools useful in developing and maintaining innovative networks. This will be followed by a presentation on co-working spaces that were developed in rural regions of Croatia, Finland and Slovenia. We will conclude the session with a presentation of a Position paper that sums up our experience in 7 key messages.

- Inspiration on how to boost innovation in rural regions

- Ideas on how to make the most of interregional cooperation


More information on the full agenda below! In the meantime, registration is already available here and you can learn more about P-IRIS on the webpage and social media.   Registrations are open until February 5th, 23:59!