Stakeholders in the Public Policy Living Lab (P2L2) will meet in Bremen for the first study visit within the project framework.

During these three days, stakeholders will be given a tour of key innovation institutions in Bremen and discuss potential opportunities for collaboration.

Study Visits

In the Public Policy Living Lab (P2L2) project, countries and regions across Europe collaborate to improve regional policies that support innovation in the field of advanced materials. One of the ways this is achieved is through study visits, where stakeholders visit each of the participating partners to learn about the local innovation ecosystem and exchange ideas.

The Bremen study visit is significant for several reasons. In terms of advanced materials, Bremen is a hub for Airbus materials and processes activities, and EcoMat – a center for eco-efficient materials & tech – also built in Bremen. In addition to this, several world renown research organizations also operate in Bremen. Bremen has close links to neighboring Länder Niedersachsen and Hamburg. Additionally, Bremen, being both a city and federal state, has a rather unique position as it has a "direct door" to the national ministries.

Full details of the visit are on the Meeting Agenda (draft).