Bente Nedergaard Christensen, Polymer Specialist and Dorte Walzl Bælum, Cluster Manager from the Danish Innovation network Danish Materials Network DMN, visited the formnext exhibition, which was held in Frankfurt am Main 11 – 19 November 2019.

formnext is the world’s largest additive manufacturing exhibition. The exhibition highlighted the impact of additive manufacturing and 3D printing on the wider engineering and manufacturing world and across aerospace, automotive, medical and dental sectors.

From a materials’ point of view, it was very valuable to learn more about the mechanical properties of printed items, as the 3D printing technology offers possibilities as well as limitations.

During the visit to the exhibition many booths were visited, but especially at the WFB Wirt­schaftsförderung Bremen GmbH booth we had interesting discussions with a materials specialist concerning commercial use of 3D printed items. The visit to this booth was arranged by Mr. Bastian Müller.

After returning to Denmark the DMN secretariat has provided information about the exhibition to DMN members and other prospects of interest. Especially information provided to the innovation network Danish Healthtech and the follow up regarding 3D print in the medical sector seems very promising.