“Sustainable Mobility and Covid-19 Crisis or Opportunity?” will be organized by the PE4Trans project partner, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on Thursday 18th June 2020.

(Original language of the event in Greek: «Κινητικότητα και Κορονοϊός: Κρίση ή Ευκαιρία; »)
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Citizens’ transport habits and practices have changed significantly during the COVID-19 era also during the present period of measures relaxation. At a first sight it as a crisis, but it seems that the conditions shaped provide opportunities to change the mobility conditions in the city and the quality of life for everyone.

In order to analyze the issue, 17 experts of various fields and representatives of Local Authorities and the Civil Society, were invited to cover different perspectives.  Among others will participate the Mayor of Thessaloniki, the Deputy Governor of Infrastructure and Networks of the Region of Central Macedonia, the Deputy Mayor for Social Policy, of Neapolis-Sykies, experts on mobility, health and economics, the CEO of Thessaloniki’s Transport Authority, the CEO of Athens airport, as well as representatives of: People with disabilities, pedestrians, cyclists etc.

Firstly, practical recommendations, beyond the official ones, for the safe use of public transport will be provided to citizens by experts towards safeguarding the public health. Then, the impact of the pandemic on transport practices and the ways to respond and leverage the relevant opportunities with the support of science and technology will be discussed by specialized speakers. Finally, the encouragement of sustainable mobility by the Local Authorities and Civil Society in the coronavirus era, as well as the opportunities that emerge will be presented and discussed.