Project News

Fresh ideas from pupils


District of Grafschaft Bentheim conducted Barcamps with pupils on the topic of...

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Health, low carbon economy, integration & engagement


Interactive workshop about transport means in Valladolid, Spain.

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New transport ideas for Kalisz & Ostrów


Citizens of Kalisz and Ostrów (Poland) have some ideas for improving local...

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Art, values and transport priorities in Greece


PE4Trans hits the next stage: the second citizens’ panels are on. The first took...

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Solution for a smog problem in Spain?


Some of Spanish cities suffered from a smog issue during the past winter. How...

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The experts have been selected


To improve sustainable transport, PE4Trans partners will cooperate with external...

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We are looking for experts to cooperate


PE4trans partners are looking for experts who will support project goals...

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How to solve communication problems in Thessaloniki?


Citizen panel focused on transpor within Thessaloniki city was held on 15th of...

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Influencing the young – German approach to PE4Trans


As PE4Trans is designed to develop sustainable mobility habits, influencing the...

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Polish citizens created visions of better transport


Over thirty people took part in the first citizen panel dedicated to reform...

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PE4TRANS at BY&FORCITIZENS conference (Spain)


PE4Trans project was presented on event about Smart Regeneration of Cities and...

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PE4Trans Kick-off meeting


The first PE4Trans project meeting took place in Poznan 19-20 June. Partners...

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