Despite difficult situation 10 participants attended the workshop which led to identification of specific actions for target groups using private car as their main way of transport. The objective of the workshop was to draft actions based on drivers and barriers of shifting target groups to more sustainable mobility models. Participants have learnt and applied different strategies of behavioural change. They have suggested solutions for:

  • Young professionals,
  • Pupils & students,
  • Working mothers,
  • Wealthy middle-aged men,
  • Well-off elderly people.

    The ideas are:
  •  Joint activities of municipalities and employers promoting alternative means of transport among citizens-employees: the challenge with points collected by participants.
  • Actions addressing company owners and managers building the image of a company that cares about the environment by promoting alternative means of transport among employees.
  •    Car-pooling incentivising e.g. apps matching people, managing parking places at school or university with preferences for students commuting together.
  • Incentives for converting petrol fuel to gas or electricity addressed to people with low income.
  •    Engagement of schools to facilitate different actions building independence skills among school pupils (7-8 years and older) e.g. orientation in the neighborhood (finding way home/ school), using bus schedule/ timetable etc. So that kids were able to get to school and post school activities safely without being assisted in private cars.
  • Engagement of employers to facilitate flexible working hours for mothers of school kids.
  •     Involving employers (businessmen) into the cycling challenge as a role model to be followed by others, employees.
  • Involving elderly people in actions aiming to develop kids’ independence skills.
  • Actions promoting healthy active lifestyle among elderly people combined with promotion of transport modes alternative to private car.

It is now the task of PE4Trans interregional partnership to find inspiring practices which will contribute to complete the ideas for actions and issue the action plan.