The peer-reviewed work of PP4-AUTh in the form of paper, based on PE4Trans findings, attracted the interest of one of the most important transport institutes in Europe, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute – VTI.

During a review on participatory co-creation initiatives in Europe, VTI members came across AUTh’s paper entitled “Engaging Residents of Thessaloniki on Sustainable Mobility Through a Citizens’ Panel” , ( which was evaluated and published in the book series of Springer publisher. They found the framing of citizens’ engagement in our work and the citizens panel activities very interesting. They were also much interested on the process and methods used in the project, and how the work from the panel will contribute to regional planning in the future. So, a one-hour online interview with AUTh took place, upon invitation, on 18.5.2021, regarding the public engagement and citizens involvement on transport and mobility strategies that has been followed in the frame of PE4Trans project. Our project is considered as a good case study that will be studied by them to draw conclusions in practices applied for citizen engagement on transport policy improvements.

At this point, it worth mentioning that VTI - Swedish National Road and Transport Institute - is an internationally prominent research institute in the transport sector, and one of the most important and policy influential institutes on transport and mobility in Europe.

This AUTh’s paper in fact has over 405 downloads via the Springer website until today, which highlights its wide dissemination achieved and its multiplying impact on citizens engagement policy processes.