PE4Trans action plans were drafted for each partner territory in a participatory process designed “for the people, by the people and with the people”. This means that citizens were actively involved in a survey and a series of design workshops leading to ideas for actions. Action plans are intended to reduce CO2 emissions by changing peoples’ mobility habits and routines into more sustainable.

During the Feedback Workshop in Kalisz 22-23 September 2021 action plan for each of five partner territories was presented and discussed by project partners and experts. The meeting was organised in a hybrid mode which meant a huge challenge for both participants and organisers. Three partner teams came to Kalisz in person and two joined the workshop virtually.

The main feedback comments on presented action plans were focused on:

- strengthening synergies among different activities addressing the same or similar target groups (e.g. cyclists for leisure, company owners),

- gradual introduction of cycling to work incentive scheme in close collaboration with employers,

- estimation of own resources costs in case of “soft” actions which require mainly human resources of the local authorities,

- defining relevant indicators, baseline and target values to measure the effects of planned actions,

- communicating the results of monitoring and evaluation of actions as an additional motivation for different target groups to change their mobility habits or to help them persevere in the change they have achieved.

Partners shared the ideas on how to maintain the involvement of citizens and stakeholders to make them ambassadors of the elaborated actions and agreed on the common framework for the monitoring phase of the project.