The District of Grafschaft Bentheim has decided to invite the pupils of the Grafschaft schools to so-called barcamps on the topic of „Sustainable Mobility“. The events was designed for students of the years 5 to 11.

The barcamps took place on 25 and 26 of June 2019.

The Barcamps was the way to find answers for a question of how the mobility of the future can look in terms of sustainability and how people's mobility habits and routines can be changed. Over 200 young habitants of Grafschaft Bentheim wanted to take part in our event, which is a proof for great environment awareness among pupils in our region. Finally we worked together with almost 80 of them divided into few smaller work groups due to facilitation of workflow and getting creative atmosphere during the whole event. The team was accompanied by district employees as well as experts from the city of Cologne, who moderated the event and provided technical support.

At the same time, the participants were also able to communicate on a website specially set up for the Barcamps. We hope that this relationship between the participants will be held on in the future and will have an impact for creating more conscious society in the region.

As a result of the Barcamps, the obstacles to the use of public transport were elicited, barriers identified, visions thematised and initial solutions developed by the pupils. We are happy to get so many suggestion from the young generation which we consider as the most influential for future changes.
The final summary of the Barcamps are currently being prepared by the commissioned specialist office and will be presented to a stakeholder group, including the transport companies, representa-tives of the Lower Saxony Ministry, the police and representatives of the municipalities. The im-plementation options are being examined and worked out. Also an action plan based on the col-lected findings and results is to be developed and will ultimately be taken into account in the sus-tainable transport strategies of the District of Grafschaft Bentheim.

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photo: Svenja Rickert