A bilateral peer to peer meeting of the PERFECT project was organised in the building of the Somogy County Council in Kaposvár on 20 February 2019. Attendees of the meeting were the experts of the Ministries from Ljubljana responsible for spatial and urban planning, and Slovenian civil engineers. The Hungarian side was represented by the employees of Social Ascention of Somogy County Nonprofit Ltd. and of Somogy County Council, all dealing with spatial and urban planning development projects. The line-up was complemented by expert of the Ministry of Finance from Budapest, who deals with the Green City calls made available to Hungarian settlements in the framework of the Settlement and Territorial Development Operational Programme. Topics discussed were the Green City call itself, the maintenance of municipal green spaces, the involvement of stakeholders and the biological activity value method as that latter provides one of the key green infrastructure indicators for settlements.

During the all-day peer learning program - meaning that Slovenian professionals shared their experiences with their Hungarian colleagues on the above topics - the contributions from both sides greatly supported the development of PERFECT Action Plan in Hungary. The Hungarian visit to the Slovenian partner will take place in the spring of 2019, during the meeting due to be held in Ljubljana. On that occasion the Hungarian experts will learn about the Slovenian green infrastructure peculiarities - also for the purpose of the better and more complete elaboration of the Hungarian PERFECT Action Plan by peer to peer solutions.