The Social Ascention of Somogy Development, Communication and Education Nonprofit Ltd. (SASD) has elaborated the Hungarian Action Plan to impact the further developments of green cities in the country.

The document has three main actions towards the direction set:

  1. Biological Activity Value (BAV), as a methodology for urban planning. The point is that the overall BAV cannot be lower after the revision of the Master Plan of the town than it was before;
  2. Employment of Chief Gardener at municipalities. It is an efficient tool to strengthen the professional preparation of the different urban development projects. The Chief Gardener can also give useful advices for maintenance issues and ensure consultancy for private investors, too; 
  3. The Green City call of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme. This European Union operational programme call in Hungary has a record of good practices, especially innovative architectural solutions from Green City projects that already co-financed municipality green investments. The call also demonstrates to further concerned municipalities that green area developments have multiple benefits for citizens. 

To provide for wide range stakeholder involvement, on 8th November 2019 the 4th PERFECT stakeholder meeting was organised in Kaposvár, at the hall of County Council of Somogy. The newly elected local and county municipality leaders received direct inputs for their current mandate to initiate and support green city initiatives in their territories, along the three key messages of the SASD Action Plan as introduced above.

The PERFECT project is implemented within the Interreg Europe Programme, with the co-finance of the European Regional Development Fund and the State of Hungary.