The PERFECT partnership has published an expert paper on ‘investment finance for green infrastructure’ which was written by Dr Bruce Howard, Director at the UK Ecosystems Knowledge Network.

The paper examines the potential for diversification and blending of investment finance for green infrastructure (GI). The aim of the paper is to help turn economic analysis of the value of GI into innovative blended finance. The paper sets out key areas of activity to achieve investment finance for GI, including partnerships, social investment funds, green bonds, environmental impact bonds, investment crowdfunding, investment from operators and green loans from investment institutions. The paper also assess the challenges and opportunities for the future of investment finance for GI.

You can download the paper here

The PERFECT expert papers are intended for an audience of policy-makers and practitioners working in local public sector organisations, as well as national and international organisations who are responsible for setting policy frameworks and investment strategies.

All the papers can all be downloaded for free here.