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Deposit return system in Latvia


Deposit return scheme for glass, plastic, and metal launched in Latvia

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Extended meeting with stakeholders in Latvia


Matters of recycling and plastics value chains discussed in the latest Latvian...

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5th German stakeholders meeting


PLASTECO's German partner Umweltcluster organized online the 5th meeting with...

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France Bans Plastics For Fruit And Vegetables


France has implemented a new law that bans the use of plastic packaging for most...

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Happy new 2022!


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Christmas decoration by reused plastics in Rethymno


Sustainable Christmas decoration in Rethymno, Greece.

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5th episode of PLASTECO podcast!


Just before the holidays the new 5. episode of our PLASTECO Podcast is now...

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4th meeting with stakeholders in Stara Zagora, BG


SZ REDA organized its 4th meeting with stakeholders within PLASTECO project in a...

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Online study visit on waste management in Graz


A3.4 Study visit on effective waste management policies and measures to reduce...

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PLASTECO on a seminar on coastal litter in Latvia


On November 17, 2021, a seminar took place online, with the main topic “Coastal...

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Plasteco at Ecomondo: how to best manage plastics?


The Plasteco project presented at Ecomondo: how to best manage plastics in view...

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