On July 28th, the 4th PLASTECO stakeholder meeting in Latvia was organised by the Association Baltic Coasts. The central topic of the meeting was the implementation of the SUP directive and other regulations concerning the production and use of plastics. Discussion points ranged from the search of alternatives for single-use plastics to enabling the recyclability of plastics and increasing the collection rates of recyclable material.

Around 34 stakeholders from various fields of expertise took part in the online meeting, creating a fruitful discussion and giving a good overview of the various perspectives that actors in the plastics value chain have.


In addition to the discussion on current policies, the issues that plastics manufacturers face in using recycled plastics as the source were discussed in the local context. The learnings from the PLASTECO interregional workshop helped to shape the topic. Obstacles like unsuitable product design for recycling, the rise of bioplastics as one of the components of plastic bags, and growing restrictions for plastics in general together with high expectations for recycling rates were identified by industry representatives.

We thank all the participants for attending and hope to continue the discussion in future events!