The 5th extended PLASTECO stakeholder meeting for Latvia was held at the end of January 2022 online. The main topic of the meeting was phasing single-use plastics out of regional value chains and introducing circular economy principles in Latvian municipalities.

The audience of the extended stakeholder meeting was comprised of representatives from the public sector (with a focus on municipality employees), private sector (including waste management companies), NGO’s and researchers.


The stakeholders invited gave presentations on these topics:

  • Recent findings on what are the factors that promote recycling;
  • Plastics collected and recycled in Latvia and options for increasing the circularity of these waste flows;
  • Recent activities of PLASTECO, including the study visit on effective waste management policies and measures to reduce plastics waste landfilling and incineration;
  • Web platform, in which recycling locations for each waste flow will be placed;
  • Innovative solutions for increasing recycling rates were introduced in the municipality of Sigulda.

The event was filled with discussions and the representatives of various fields were given the chance to share their different perspectives on the common issues with implementing circular economy principles in waste management practices of the municipalities.