Bucharest – Ilfov Regional Development Agency (ADR BI) organized on the 16th of February 2022 the PLASTECO`s Interregional Workshop on awareness-raising on plastic littering and promoting the purchase of products from recycled plastics. The event took place virtually on WEBEX and gathered 58 participants, mainly coming from PLASTECO consortium countries.


The thematic focus of the workshop has been on policies and practices required to: a) kickstart or intensify efforts for plastic waste separation at the source, b) lift off any existing misconceptions on products made from secondary raw plastics, and c) steer the attitudes of the public towards rewarding producers that bring such offerings to the market. The agenda included the presentation of the input paper elaborated for the organization of the event, providing data, case studies and recommendations that could make a real contribution to improving policies on plastic littering, and also examples of good practices relevant to the theme of the event.


The organizers were delighted to welcome speakers who offered the PLASTECO consortium members and regional stakeholders interesting information concerning:

  • Plastic Waste Management in The 3rd District of Bucharest, România;
  • Sorting at Source and door-to-door collection, a case study of the Municipality of Lipsi, Greece;
  • “Recycling Map” program, a national, participatory and educational platform, developed by Viitor Plus Association;
  • “Recycling Marathon” campaign, aiming to educate and raise awareness among citizens and institutions about waste prevention, reuse, and recycling, implemented by the Romanian Ministry of Environment in association with the organization Marathon EPR Group S.A;
  • "We value plastic" program and its action "Payment with PET" aiming to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and introducing plastic into a responsible circuit, implemented by Carrefour România and Coca-Cola HBC România with the support of Green Point Management, Financial Recycling, Green PC Ambalaje and Recycle International;
  • “With Clean Waters” program that develops actions to collect the plastic already existing in the riverbed, and applies measures to prevent and combat future discharges, implemented by Mai Mult Verde Association in partnership with numerous stakeholders and with the priceless support of volunteers.