The A3.4. Study visit on effective waste management policies and measures to reduce plastic waste landfilling and incineration took place at the beginning of April 2022 in Graz, Austria. The study visit was organized by the Office of the regional government of Styria Directorate 14 – Water management, resources & sustainability Department waste & resource management and participated by all PLASTECO project partners and their relevant stakeholders. 

On the first day of the stay in Graz the PLASTECO team visited Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG, Graz &Feldkirchen, a plastic sorting plant with a material scanner and "Ressourcenpark" Leibnitz, a regional household waste collection center with differentiated household packaging collection. 

On the second day, the group visited the Montanuniversität Leoben & its research facilities linked to the production of plastic polymers. 

A BIG thanks to the organizers, all of the participants and the entities that opened their doors to welcome PLASTECO's group.