The aim of the Interreg project PLASTECO, in which the Styrian Government (A14 - Department of Waste and Resource Management) participates, is to achieve the realization of a circular economy in the area of plastics.

In the current project phase, a regional information day and an extended stakeholder meeting must be held by each of the project regions. The Styrian project partner has made the avoidance of plastic waste the subject of the regional information day due to the very high interest in the population as well as in the business sector. The event was organized as an online event and in cooperation with the Styrian Chamber of Commerce.


The regional information day on the avoidance of plastic waste took place on 31.03.2022 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

The high importance of the topic was emphasized in their opening statements by DI Peter Postl as representative of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce as well as by Ök.-Rat Johann Seitinger, the regional council member responsible for sustainability and circular economy in the province of Styria. Afterward, experts from companies, the university, associations and from the public sector offered the participants insights into relevant measures and projects.

The presentations were organized into 3 blocks. The first block of topics dealt with "the avoidance of plastic packaging during shopping".

In the second block, the participants learned more about "waste prevention in the takeaway sector".

In the third block, further initiatives in schools and the design and art sector were presented.

Finally, the PLASTECO project and current measures of the Styrian government were presented by Dr. Ingrid Winter, Head of the Waste and Resource Management Department.

The information day was very well attended. More than 60 people registered for the event, confirming the great interest in the topic of avoiding plastic waste. Even after the event, the visitors showed interest, made contact with the speakers and asked more in-depth questions about the content presented. If you are also interested in concrete possibilities for waste prevention, we recommend that you review the presentations from 31.03.2022.

Follow this link to see the presentations.

The participants' feedback on the event was very positive. This gives us hope that the event will provide a lasting impulse for a more conscious approach to the use of plastics as a valuable material.