The kick-off meeting of the PLASTECO project was hosted by the Lead Partner, Municipality of Rethymno, in Crete on 10 and 11 October 2019. The partners went through thematic, financial and management issues concerning the project; they delivered presentations on Joint Studies and Analyses, activities towards building Stakeholder Policy Learning, information on the most imminent interregional workshops and study visits, as well as Communication and Dissemination planning and Project Management issues.

The kick-off meeting offered the partners the opportunity to get more familiar with different aspects of the project and share their experiences in

 sustainable development;

 waste management;

 circular economy.

Extensive plastic pollution requires response from EU regions in order to address growing public health concerns and environmental impacts. PLASTECO project aims to support the represented regions to exchange experiences, benefit from the provisions and momentum of the EU plastics strategy, and, ultimately, achieve their goals in terms of protecting the environment, increasing resource efficiency, alleviating health effects, and boosting innovation.

PLASTECO partners need and are expected to:

 Improve the economics and quality of plastics recycling (waste management plans, public procurement etc.).

 Curb plastic waste and littering, with regional plans, awareness raising, recycling of agricultural plastics etc.).

 Drive investments and innovation towards circular solutions (raising landfill and incineration costs, funding, incentives for plastic prevention and recycling).