The first stakeholder meeting for the PLASTECO project was organized by Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria on 13th January in Augsburg. There were 25 participants from relevant sectors (city of Augsburg, authority, research institutions, clusters, companies, etc.)

The meeting began with welcoming speech by Alfred Mayr (managing director of Umweltcluster Bayern) and Reiner Erben (head of the environmental department of the city of Augsburg) 

After that there was presentation of the agenda of the meeting by Christina Zegowitz (project manager PLASTECO)

In the beginning there was a warm-up game for everyone in order to "break the ice" and provoke the start of discussion. 

After that there was presentation about the PLASTECO project and the objectives and the goals of the project. There was first brainstorming session on actions for the “action plan” via roundtable discussions with the following five topics: microplastic, plastic prevention in companies, public procurement, municipal waste management, public awareness of the urban society.