Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency was a host of the first stakeholders' meeting in the context of PLASTECO project on 13. March 2020. The event gathered various representatives, engaged with the topic "use of plastics" - ecologists, companies producing plastics, companies producing plastics replacing products, national and regional authorities etc. 

After presenting the main concept of PLASTECO's project and the host organization, the guests had the opportunity to share their view and exchange experience in the field of plastics implementation on a national and on a regional level. Thanks to the diverse representation we heard the position of the state,  the regional authorities, as well as the private sector. 

This first meeting of stakeholders had laid the foundations of a mutually useful cooperation between various parties involved in the plastics' sector. Moreover, it has raised essential questions regarding the future of plastic use in the context of phasing-out strategies on European level and widespread plastic pollution. Last but not least, the benefits of the "circular economy" were highlighted, presenting the idea of "new plastics economy".