The Policy Learning Platform organises a e-workshop on the topic of 'university-industry collaboration' Thursday, 11 March, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET.

Registration is now closed. A follow-up article will be published online shortly after the event.

By joining this event you will learn how to promote technology transfers between universities and industries in your regional innovation ecosystems through financial, regulatory, and soft policy tools.

Why are university-industry transfers so important?

Here is what Arnault Morisson, one of the Thematic Expert and host of the event thinks: 'There are many benefits to enhancing collaborative innovation activities between universities (public laboratories, research institutes etc.) and industry (private companies). The benefits include:

  • to achieve a critical mass in research activities,
  • to overcome fragmentation caused by distance and a smaller resource base,
  • to bring together different perspectives, experience, skills and knowledge,
  • to break down specialist silos and restrictive organisational boundaries,
  •  to encourage skills and knowledge transfer.'

What is the event format?

In the course of an afternoon, we propose three consecutive 50 minute sessions that put forward key speakers in the field, policy good practices and lively exchanges among participants. 

After the end of the e-workshop, starting at 17:00, we propose the possibility to book a 10 minute slot with Arnault Morisson or Marc Pattinson in order to discuss a particular policy challenge you might face. 

The full event agenda is available here.

What to expect from the event?

  • Insights into policies to promote technology transfer and university-industry collaboration.
  • Knowledge of common challenges faced in peer regions.
  • Identification of potential solutions and practical tools to address those challenges.
  • Exchange with other participants.
  • Collaboration and networking with experts.

Further suggested reading:

  1. The online workshop is constructed around the OECD report on University-Industry Collaboration that offers a comprehensive overview of 21 policy instruments on this topic.
  2. Check this policy brief and learn more about the subject and the experience of Interreg Europe supported projects within.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash