Through this legal mechanism economic operators that find obstacles in their access to economic activity can report them by means of an electronic tool.
SMEs have to fulfil multiple requisites to start business activities or to keep them going. The existence of very complex authorization procedures, or poorly laid down, significantly slows up the access of entrepreneurs to business activity.
The administrative and bureaucracy burdens implies additional difficulties and costs to the constitution of new SMEs, therefore the reduction or suppression of them contributes to generating economic activity boosting the competitiveness of regional businesses.
By the «Article 10» mechanism the Public Administration is able to detect and suppress the main obstacles to economic activity in benefit of the interested business, as well as sub.
If operators find obstacles in their access to economic activity due to and administrative issues of Public Administration can report them. Economic operators can also pose questions on interpretation of sectorial regulation that may result applicable to them.
Enquires and reclamations can be done through an electronic tool in the web of the Catalan govern enabled specifically for that purpose and by a simple application form. In a period of 30 days the competent authority must issue a report confirming its position or modulating it.
The function of The General Direction of Economic Promotion, Competition and Regulation is to channel these claims and consultations between economic operators and competent authorities, mainly local

Resources needed

We didn't need any an extra financial or human resources, we only had to create the procedure and make it available to companies. We organized the circuit to manage these claims and we advertised so that the companies knew about it.

Evidence of success

Since its implementation in March 2016, 30 complaints and consultations have been received.It has facilitated the legalization of touristic establishments, has reduced the urbanistic barriers and has facilitated the opening of sanitary and commercial establishments of small dimensions.
The adopted measures help the SME that has presented the claim, but it also usually helps a major number of entrepreneurs who benefits from this removals, boosting the competitiveness of the regional businesses.

Potential for learning or transfer

There are many european countries where SMEs have to fulfil multiple requisites to start business activities or to keep them going. It is perfectly transferable to other European states or regions as they share the same model of intervention in economic activity and bussines find administrative difficulties to open a business are shared in most other countries.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
March 2016
End Date


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