Cooperation between Elinta and Lithuanian universities helped to create great products, technologies and boosted capacity of Lithuanian universities
The ‘ELINTA’ company have close ties with the University and work on a range of automation products – including electric vehicles, charging points, and electric drives for bicycles. The company is able to provide a research, design and sales outlet for highly innovative ideas generated by its own team of experts as well as tapping into new ideas from the Kaunas Technical University. Elinta develops a range of services and products with its e-mobility division and here its three main sub-sections are as follows: Charging Systems: Charging stations (manufactured according to IEC standards); an EV charge point tester; portable EV charger (up to 22kW); ‘City Charge’ double EV charge point 2x22kW fast Mode 3 charging station. Drive Systems: drive and battery systems for pure electric and hybrid vehicles. Integrated drive systems can suit any custom projects or full scale production vehicles. Can be used in all road vehicles starting from small cars, ending with delivery vans or small buses.Custom applications are also available. IPHEV (Intelligent Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles): iPHEV operates as a pure electric vehicle for 50 km within green zones set by GPS, while diesel range extender has no range limitations. The main stakeholders (partners) include: National Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA), a number of business associations, and six of the largest educational institutions / Universities in Lithuania.

Resources needed


Evidence of success

“Elinta” established a number of laboratories and study programmes in various universities in Lithuania. This cooperation helped to develop an Intelligent Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle which has been tested in Norway and Lithuania.

Potential for learning or transfer

Such cooperation is a great example how private business can boost capacity of universities, which often lack modern laboratories and funding.
Main institution
UAB Elinta
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
November 2018
End Date


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