Tehcnology Audits are important aspects in order to start with the involvement of companies and specially in SMEs in a technological industrialisation.
Regional companies and specially SMEs are in a weaker situation in comparison with large companies, when it comes to assess their digital maturity. In the case of small firms and specially in the non-technological ones, there is a big challenge for them to carry out a technology audit since sometimes they do not have the tools and resources available to perform it correctly.
The programme works using a public call in order to know the interest of companies in developing the technology audit work. Once these are selected ther is a work with the managing team of the companies. The implementation is developed with the colaboration of companies´teams.
Aware of it, the Regional Government of Cantabria has launched the Industry 4.0 Audits programme to help SMEs in their digitalisation process. The goal is to show companies whats is their level of maturity and provide them recommendations when implementing their digital transformation.
Results from the audits are used to define and implement industrial technology plans by the companies. It also serves as a tool for the definition of other regional supporting programmes available for the companies like Industry 4.0 Cantabria and Factory of the Future Cantabria.
Some of the companies have developed new R&D projects because of the recommendations of the audits.

Resources needed

Approx. 30.000 EUR per year
In terms of human resources, each Technology audit programme needs a programme manager from the local Company, as well as the involvement of the manager.

Evidence of success

7 companies have been part of this pilot project, which has given very good results, taking into consideration the resources developed, and the results obtained. At the same time the activities and the technology audits have been confirmed by developing more detailde projects withing the regional call of Industry 4.0. All these companies have develeopd projects in relation with technology implementation of different Industry 4.0 tools in the areas or logistic, management and production.

Potential for learning or transfer

Potential for learning or transfer the programme has been implemented offering very good results, and other Spanish regions are interested about the programme and their actions between the SMEs.
The good practice has been published at National Level.
The methodology as well as the results have been shared in different training seminars. At the same way, this good practice can be shared at EU level to potential interested regions. This good practice can inspires public authorities about the importance of developing Tech nology industrialisation action. All the methodology has been translated into English and is open under request for all regions and their public authorities. Ate the same time it can be a good starting point when estblishing initial actions to develop an industrial sector in terms of digitalisation.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cantabria
Cantabria, Spain (España)
Start Date
October 2017
End Date


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