Rural areas have been the ones who need special services in delivering food, supplies and household products, because of the distances between the cities.
Historically rural areas have been the ones who need special services in delivering food, supplies and household products, because the distances between cities and supermarkets are too long and easily not reachable.
Derived from the same idea and turning it vice versa-local farmers on the other hand grow various type of vegetables and fruit, bake local delices but do not have enough market to sell it and people in the city have to buy exported food instead of local and fresh.
Idea of promoting selling local goods in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, was initiated on 2009 where group of friends wanted to start up a social enterprise that has significant impact.
Now e-shop is available for ordering local food, fresh dairy products, fresh bakery, fruits, fish, meat, etc. E-shop works on pre-ordering system and offers 2 times a week pick up times from the storage. With that kind of arrangement very fresh and high quality local food is guaranteed to customers. During the same day the goods will be received from farmers or other suppliers they are distributed to clients.

Main goal of the enterprise is to promote local farmers and offer fresh local food to clients.

Regular customer is family, with higher income, who has regular eating habits and can calculate how much do they need different types of products.

Resources needed

Starting from 2016 organization has 2,5 fully occupied positions. Regularly 7 people are working, 4,5 position hourly basis, helping at store.
Volunteers are contributing on the fairs.

Evidence of success

The organization is proud that they have engaged more than 100 farmers to the network. Seasonally the amount may vary. Compared to the eco-stores they have wider range of products to offer.
They have developed the system how it is possible to deliver extremely fresh and local products.
Annual turnover have been increasing yearly:
2013 it was 51 326 EUR, 2014 it was 63 793 EUR and 2015 around 62 000 EUR.

Difficulties encountered

During the times main difficulties have been lack of investment money. At first they needed seed money for start but at that phase social enterprises was such a new model and there were no support mechanisms to it. Regular funding to NGO’s was not orientated to supporting everyday activities...

Potential for learning or transfer

Set your business model focus correctly. Think what is the positive impact that your company is offering? Who are the stakeholders and clients? How do you estimate the impact!

Be ready for tougher times and spending lots of energy.
Main institution
Tagurpidi Lavka
Eesti, Estonia (Eesti)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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