A citizen app for sending to EMULSA incidences concerning to environment that inhabitants of Gijon could find. A map where sustainable businesses are located.
Citizen app: Free mobile app where citizens can communicate with EMULSA by sending the incidences that they find in the town related to the cleaning and maintenance of the urban space and the environment in general. When EMULSA receive them, organize by incidence typology and send to the service in charge to resolve them.
Reusapp: in one of its CAS, EMULSA has placed an space where citizens, with their permission, leave the objects that they do not want to use but still are in good condition to be used by another one person. These objects are uploaded by EMULSA to a free mobile app where people can pick them up without any cost.
The majority of the objects are electric an electronic devices, childcare material, toys which are in an adequate state so that it becomes susceptible to be reused.
Sustainable businesses map: it is a web page where those stores related to reuse, second hand products, repairing and arrangement, fair trade and in general with the circular economy principles are located.
The main goal of tese projects is to achieve the 50% of reuse and recycling set by the European Union for the year 2020.
The problems addressed were that only objects in good condition are accepted and there have been frequent thefts in the space where the objects are stored. And there were miscommunication with citizens.
The contest where the practice was introduced was the Strategic Business Plan of EMULSA and the Municipal Waste Management Plan.

Resources needed

12.000€ Citizen app (incidences and news) (2012)
7.000€ Sustainable map (2018)
22.500€ ReusApp (app and space). (2018)

Evidence of success

Citizen app: 1.500 Active Users (5.000 downloads).
- 2.206 incidences via app
- 4 days for resolution and response (75%)
Reusapp: 802 items exchanged, 4.356 kg of materials destined to reuse instead to landfill.

Difficulties encountered

Expand facilities (Reusapp)
Not only good condition objects (Repairing)

Potential for learning or transfer

All the apps are free, easily manage.
These applications allow a direct channel of communication between the citizen and the company. In the case of citizen app it allows to reduce the response time to incidents, and the chance to send information to citizens about the service we lend.
The reusApp project gives another life to the products and allows that people could have for free a product that they could not afford.

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Main institution
Principado de Asturias, Spain (España)
Start Date
March 2012
End Date
May 2018


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