The most beautiful and significant parks were selected and combined in the network “Gartenträume - Historische Parks in Sachsen-Anhalt” and marketed through it.
In order to support the owners of garden monuments in Saxony-Anhalt an association (Gardendreams) was founded to help to improve the attractiveness for tourists and the economic sustainability of the parks and to increase knowledge about garden design and the preservation of historical gardens in accordance with cultural and historical models.
Gardendreams was developed and expanded for this purpose as a central tourism brand for Saxony-Anhalt and lobbying work for parks and gardens was intensified to ensure their survival for future generations.
The Network Gardendreams was initiated in 2000 by the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Owner of the 40 selected gardens are public/municipal but also private entities or non-profit associations. The Association consists of ordinary members (=owners or legal entities and responsible promotion associations of the gardens) and supporting members. (= all those who want to get involved and who would like to support the association's activities both ideally and financially).
2000-2006 monthly and from 2007 quarterly “Gardendreams-Jour-Fixe” with representatives of various ministries (economy, culture, urban development, environment), tourism institutions, monument office, employment promotion etc.
Very intensive communication during project development and the search for funding for the parks
There was no separate funding programme, but there was a stipulation that funding applications in the area of garden dreams should be given priority.

Resources needed

• 2000-2007: about 100,000€ p.a. for project development and first marketing measures (financed by the Ministry of Economy)
• from 2008: about 50,000€ p.a. for project management of the association (financed by the Ministry of Economics). Plus approx. 40,000 € member contributions: 1-2 employees

Evidence of success

- Over €60 million have been invested in parks and gardens by their owners since the network was founded.
- Permanent guest survey in Saxony-Anhalt: 68.5% of tourists willing to return to Saxony-Anhalt cite "parks and gardens" as a reason for their decision
- The parks also attract other tourist infrastructure: the 50 facilities include over 40 cafés/restaurants, around 25 accommodation options, around 15 souvenir shops and over 20 museums/exhibitions.

Difficulties encountered

-Daily park maintenance often problematic, no funding available
-Knowledge about the preservation and use of listed buildings is quickly lost - constant communication necessary
- Gardens and parks are not taken seriously enough as monuments and as important locations for quality of life

Potential for learning or transfer

While participating under a single label parks will have
- A uniform marketing presence
- A platform for the marketing of their cultural heritage or events
- Support in the operation of the site, knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange
- The association as a legal seperate entity allowed better Access to funding
- Gardendreams helps to bring private and public interests together. Private owners are encouraged to invest in their gardens and it is made easier for them to receive public funding. At the same time the popularity of public gardens is increased by the private commitment of the supporting members of the association..
Factors for success:
- Cooperation between preservation of historical monuments and tourism
- The state' s commitment to the objectives
- Close, communication among all the actors involved
- Benevolent cooperation between park owners: mutual motivation and inspiration
The idea can also be transferred to other cultural goods.

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Main institution
Gartenträume – Historische Parks in Sachsen-Anhalt e. V.
Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
April 2020
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