Aditiva 4.0 aims to boost knowledge about additive manufacturing and promote the commitment of companies to adapt to the requirements of 4.0.
Aditiva 4.0 aims to boost knowledge about additive manufacturing and to promote the commitment of companies to adapt to the requirements of 4.0. Sectors as diverse as education, health, sports, aerospace and automotive, the agronomy sector, construction or even the Corporate Social Responsibility or the so-called fourth sector - concerned with environmental sustainability and social welfare - may find in the additive industry and 3D manufacturing a great ally.

This forum, organized by the Institute for the Promotion the Region of Murcia and co-financed by the European Regional Developme12 twelve professionals of recognized prestige from the health, industry, architecture and engineering sectors, is the maximum national exponent as far as additive manufacturing is concerned, and was able to bring together a total of 85 international experts distributed in 30 conferences developed in six exhibition spaces of different themes that dealt with the current situation of additive manufacturing and industry from different sectors such as education, health and industry itself.

This congress fulfills a double objective: to undertake for the benefit of our industrialists, by detecting an opportunity for the development of new business initiatives in the field of additive manufacturing technology services, and to develop new technological and digital concepts, providing knowledge and cutting-edge projects for the industry.

Resources needed

A multi-disciplinary scientific-technical committee to direct the organization of the event, and in which public and private actors are represented. Attracting the most important experts in 3D printing technology at a national level, both in the field of research and in its application to the market

Evidence of success

More than 600 digitalization professionals, 85 international experts, 15 world-leading companies, 30 lectures and 6 exhibition space. The 'Aditiva 4.0' event is aligned with the 'Industry 4.0' strategy, led by the regional government of Murcia, which has a budget of 60 million euros until 2020, and aims to increase productivity by up to 10% and raise the weight of industry to 20% of regional GDP.

Difficulties encountered

- One of the most important issues is that the most important suppliers of this technology attend the event: machinery manufacturers and suppliers of consumables.
- Make an adequate selection of the speakers in the different rooms to achieve the required impact on the audience.

Potential for learning or transfer

- Importance of designing the event from the visitor's point of view. Each one of them has tailor-made presentations depending on whether they come from industry, education,...
- The level of specialization of the event in a single technology allows to go deep into it, and look for applications in different sectors. Seen in another way, the breadth of the event is sought from the point of view of the application of the technology and not from the offer of different technologies.
- The previous diffusion in Internet is very important to have visibility before and during the event.
- To offer a wide range of areas of application of the technology (education, industry, health and maker).
- To achieve a high number of visitors to the event so that it can be repeated year after year.
- To make use of clear examples of the application of the technology both in the presentations and in the common areas themselves where examples are shown to the visitors.
Main institution
The Institute for the Promotion the Region of Murcia (INFO)
Región de Murcia, Spain (España)
Start Date
December 2018
End Date


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