Training and awareness activities on road safety issues, with particular regard to vulnerable users and of soft and sustainable mobility promotion.
- "De.Si.Re. – La città che vorrei” (The city I dream of) is a training initiative on road safety and sustainable mobility already carried out in Rome last year in 14 primary school institutes located in 12 municipalities. From January to June, 4,300 pupils were involved, in 200 classes, for a total of 2,000 hours of training. The initiative, proposed again in the new school year 2019-2020 and extended to the pupils of the first grade secondary school, is promoted by Rome Administration and implemented by Rome Mobility Service, Italian Automobile Club of Rome, Italian Cyclist Federation, in collaboration with the Local Police.
A first step was to contact the schools by phone and encourage them to subscribe to the Call launched for the training. Schools were stimulated by the fact that no additional costs had to be incurred.

Resources needed

For the “soft” part (training, communication and gaming) 100k€ were dedicated.
The project was developed with a funding designated to “suburban areas”, funded by the Presidency of the council of Ministers, dedicated to improving road safety.

Evidence of success

The pupils run a survey to assess the level of awareness raised during the training modules.
Surveys were run before and after the training and analysed.
The survey put in evidence the raising of awareness among the pupils.

Difficulties encountered

The preliminary preparation phase must be very well structured, as it involves different aspects:
• Training material preparation
• Identification of the training personnel
• Surveying (ex-ante and ex-post)
• Data analysis
• Gaming
• Events organization
• Procurement of gadgets

Potential for learning or transfer

The technique is certainly transferable. The Rome Metropolitan City is interested in involving schools in the provincial area by using specific funds from the Environment Ministry.
The DESIRE project has been extended for the second year to involve a larger audience.
Main institution
Lazio Region
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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