Formula E an event campaign on sustainable mobility and behavioural change.
The first Formula E event took place in Rome in April 2018. A multi stakeholders group was set up to gain the optimal organisation of this happening.
The Mobility Agency of Rome (RSM) was involved both in the re-organisation of mobility around the circuit before and during the event and on informing citizens on the new mobility opportunities to reach their usual destinations and on electric mobility in general. The main aim was to discourage the private vehicle use in favour of public transport for the whole event period. RSM has set up a communication campaign to inform citizens on road restriction, and set-up and dismantling of the circuit.
All information on the changes to public and private mobility have been integrated and disseminated and updated through RSM multimedia platform for mobility services.
- the information network of Roma Capitale: the website and social media, Roma Capitale radio, newsletters and emails to Capitol employees and to the in house Companies.
- the information channels of the Public Transport Operator (Atac), website and social networks, which also offer real time information on PT mobility.
- the coordinated infomobility activities of the operations centers and the information channels of Local Police, and motorway companies.

Resources needed

As RSM is an in-house company of the Municipality no extra funding has been expected for the plannin g and dissemination activities.
The structure for the formula E prix communication campaign was composed by 5 people, while planning also involved 5 people.

Evidence of success

From the comparison of the Fridays and Saturdays of the period, in order to identify the differences in user behaviour in the week of the event preceding and subsequent weeks - pre and post race) it emerged that on Friday's race the increase was + 17% compared to the average for the period and that this increase on Saturday of the race rose to + 73%.
These results witness the impact of the communication plan on a more rational use of the private car in favour of the collective mobility.

Potential for learning or transfer

The joint actions of informing people to leave their cars while in parallel familiarising them with electric mobility through a very famous event is undoubtely an element of innovation and are highly suggested when trying to transfer the practice to other areas.

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Main institution
Lazio Region
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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