The printing company H.R.G. spol. s.r.o. has built a photovoltaic power plant on the roofs of the production plant to reduce the cost of energy consumption.
Aim of the project is to increase the efficiency of the operation by reducing the electricity consumed by the off-set and digital printing company with the increased production from the extended installed photovoltaic power plant. The PV electricity power generation will increase by 303.6. kWp, which will contribute to the annual savings of final energy consumption of 286.8. MWh.
The implementation of the project will result in the following changes:
- reduction in the total amount of electricity collected by 826.1 GJ/year and subsequent cost reduction by 576.500 CZK/year
- reducing energy consumption and reducing emissions (the amount of emissions of primary particles and secondary particulate matter precursors and CO2 emissions) to the environment, thereby increasing the positive impact on the environment

Total project costs: 231 539 EUR

Payback period: 14 years

Investment costs per installed kW: 762,61 EUR/kW

Resources needed

Total project costs: 231 539 EUR - Combination of the private financial sources and EU subsidies.

Evidence of success

The power plant was installed successfully. In the first year of operation produced 288.3 MWh of the electricity (of which 233.8 MWh was consumed, delivered to a network of 54.5 MWh), which represents a saving on unbought electricity of 320.000 CZK (12.308 €).

By the installation of the photovoltaic power plant the H.R.G. company saved
CO2 emissions at about 273 tons per year.

Potential for learning or transfer

Good example of efficient installation and usage of the PV pannels.
Main institution
Czech Technical University
Střední Čechy, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
July 2018
End Date
January 2019


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