The comprehensive communication and training programme to inform and encourage society to use online services offered by the government.
The programme “My! Do Digitally!" was launched in 2018 in order to encourage society, including businesses, to use government e-services and to ensure that maximum wide population is informed about online services offered by the government. It focuses on the development of “Digital friendly” visual identity, extensive information events at national and regional levels, as well as training of 6000 national and local government officials (librarians, teachers, civil servants),NGO representatives, and media representatives in order to provide them with better knowledge of e-government solutions so they can further encourage/change habits of their clients, who are accustomed to receiving on-site services, to try their services digitally. In order to promote a better understanding of digital solutions, the life event descriptions (e.g. Starting a business, Doing a business, Completing a business etc.) were developed, which includes video tutorials for the implementation of e-services (see
The programme implemented also the complete and integrated advertising, marketing and public relations activities.
The programme involved communication about more than 800 e-services and orchestrated cooperation of over 30 government institutions. The main beneficiaries – citizens and entrepreneurs.
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Resources needed

The programme was co-funded by ERDF projects. Total funding 1 840 000,00 EURO + VAT (50% for training activities, 40% for communication activities and evaluation of project indicators, 10% reserve (unplanned expanses, crisis communication)).

Evidence of success

1) Trained 6000 national & local government officials, NGO & media representatives;
2) 50 life event descriptions, which includes 55 video tutorials (over 0,5 mln unique visitors, Oct 2020);
3) 6 Integrated communications campaigns (3 for business);
4) 66 events, (2 national forums, 12 events in regions, 20 events with partners etc. – 8 directly designed for SMEs) – more than 1500 visitors, SMEs actively participated in all events;
5) over 200 materials & more than 1700 publications in media

Potential for learning or transfer

The more often people (including businesses), use e-services, the more increases habit to deal with life situations electronically. There are things you do once or twice in a lifetime, such as coordinating a building permit for a private home, but other services are needed every year or every two years, maybe even several times a year. Especially for businesses who deal with services almost every day. Change of habits is the most significant achievement for all of us. As well as it is very important to prepare well educated trainers (civil servants etc.) who can support those clients who are accustomed to receiving services only on-site (no digital skills, no access to technologies etc.).
During this Covid-19 pandemic, Latvia has shown the enormous importance of digital opportunities - when institutions switch to remote work and communication with customers, the opportunity to receive various services remotely is fully ensured.

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Main institution
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
April 2018
End Date
October 2020


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