19 entrepreneurs may call themselves ‘Hosts of GrensPark Kempen~Broek’, a special title that entrepreneurs in the area are given after completing a training.
19 entrepreneurs may call themselves ‘Hosts of GrensPark Kempen~Broek’, a special title that entrepreneurs in and around the area are given after completing a diverse training. During sevaral meetings the students learned about the history, cultural heritage, flora and fauna of Kempen~Broek. On the last day the final assignments were presented, varying from a regional product tasting to new recreational arrangements, followed by a festive presentation of the certificates. The hosts will be regularly informed of important developments in their region and hopefully they will be joined by more colleagues.
Kempen~Broek is a relatively undiscovered area when it comes to nature and recreation. Hosts can offer their guests a unique nature experience. By involving their guests in nature, the landscape and cultural history of the area, people get to know the area better and build a bond with it. This ensures that guests stay longer or come back to discover even more. Entrepreneurs distinguish themselves from other organizations in this way and contribute to a positive image of the area.
An important goal of this initiative is to strengthen cooperation between entrepreneurs leading to more products, activities and cooperation projects in the region. It stimulates support for the preservation of the landscape among tourists and people from the area.
Hosts receive a certificate and a facade sign. The sign shows guests that at this enterprise extra information can be obtained.

Resources needed

The course was organized by IVN, an organization which has experience in giving similar trainings. Their fee was € 5000. We had to provide information for the training book and give several presentations. One or more colleagues attended the trainings and we try to keep in touch with all hosts.

Evidence of success

The training was a success because already 19 entrepeneurs can call themselves 'Host of GrensPark Kempen~Broek'. In the future we hope to attract more people in the area.

Difficulties encountered

When you work with people, it is very important to keep in touch on a regular basis. It is important to keep everyone up to date and keep communication alive. When your have limited people and resources, this is difficult sometimes.

Potential for learning or transfer

The concept can be used with entrepeneurs in different regions. There are many aspects to this Good Practice which have learning transfer ability:
Experience development - Develop tourism products.
Destination Marketing - Increase awareness of the destination.
Engage with and support tourism businesses.
Main institution
Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland
Prov. Limburg (BE),
Start Date
December 2019
End Date


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