TUDI 4.0 - Digitalizing Industry - project activated a wide range of companies to develop and streamline internal logistics processes by Industry 4.0 solutions.
The project carried out a total of 25 seminars / workshops / webinars related to the development of material functions and new technology solutions.
The project, together with companies, developed a practical method for reviewing the current state of internal logistics and material flow. In support of the review method, a “Guide for the Developer of the Material Operations of a Manufacturing Company” was prepared. The 54-page guide provides a practical description of the steps and processes of internal logistics and the related technical solutions. The guide presents the four upper-level perspectives and their three sub-themes of the review of material operations, as well as their significance for efficient and effective internal logistics. The guide also provides practical instructions for performing a review of material operations. The developed tool was used to review the current state of internal logistics in 31 companies, as a result companies received valuable information on the current state of their internal logistics processes as well as clear development recommendations.
The project carried out four pilots of company groups involving a total of 18 companies. The themes of the pilots were mobile robots and cobots, co-development of internal logistics, digital sales and marketing solutions and more efficient use of ERP systems. The pilots lowered the threshold for the introduction of new solutions, and active communication encouraged a wider range of companies.

Resources needed

The total budget of the TUDI 4.0 project was EUR 457,000. Implementation period was 1.11.2017 - 31.7.2020. The main sponsors of the project were Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the City of Hyvinkää and partnering companies.

Evidence of success

Thanks to the project, the activities of the strengthened TUDI forum will survive after the end of the project. The Forum has 358 registered members and will also be actively used in the already launched WIMMA project (A75181) as a communication channel for promoting the digitalization of companies. The project had a total of more than a thousand participants representing more than a hundred different organizations. Net Promoter Score Survey Index was 8.8 (max 10), NPS number 61 (excellent).

Difficulties encountered

In the later phases of the project, the Covid-19 restrictions of 2020 made it more difficult to conduct business visits.

Potential for learning or transfer

The method of reviewing material operations and guidelines developed in the project will remain freely available to companies and service providers. The materials can be downloaded from the project's home page tudi.fi . The LIMOWA association will probably use and possibly further develop the review method. LIMOWA also includes expert companies that will utilize the developed tools in the future when developing new business and services on top of the information content created in this project.
The TUDI Forum, which served as the project's active communication channel, gathered more than 200 new members during the project. Transferable deliverables include: Self-assessment tools for material flow, difital maturity etc; state-of-the-art information package for intralogistics and material flow; "Factory-of-the-Future" concept in assembly/logistics; as well as joint development and R&D consortia approaches.

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Main institution
Technology Center Techvilla Ltd
Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
November 2017
End Date
July 2020


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