Develop and implement training courses aimed at the acquisition of skills by putting learners in real-life situations using Demonstrator 4.0.
The demonstrators take the form of two complete "turnkey" workshops, reproducing a production line equipped with Industry 4.0 technologies in a didactic approach for a quick and easy handling. These demonstrators further illustrate the world of the process, with machines that operate continuously, as for example for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.
2 demonstrators have been acquired in Wallonia by 2 competence centres (TechniFutur & TechnoCampus) with support of ERDF :
- the CP Factory didactic line from the company FESTo. These lines are modular. For the moment, 5 stations have been acquired but this investment will be completed later. This line reproduces a smartphone assembly process (
- the SIF400 didactic line from the company SMC. Same principle of modularity. 10 stations have been acquired. This line reproduces a packaging process for different products in jars or bottles (
Technologies 4. 0 present are (not exhaustive) : Vertical integration of different IT systems (Control and supervision systems, MES, ERP) / Industrial communication (Field networks & IO-link/OPC gateways/servers / Wireless technologies...) / Distributed intelligence and intelligent sensor/actuator technologies / IIoT / Big Data / Product identification/personalisation (NFC, RFID) / Robotics and cobotics, AGV / Virtual and augmented reality / Process simulation / Machine vision technologies / Telemonitoring/telemaintenance.

Resources needed

- Purchase of the Demonstrator line (€ 500K for SIF400 + € 800K for CP Factory)
- In-house staff training
- Hiring of a specialist capable of developing a training programme with the Demonstrator

Evidence of success

1) TechnoCampus
Development of 1 out of 7 training modules:
- Driving an automated system 4.0.
Passage of a test group of jobseekers “production operator”.
Operational training, planning of training courses from April 2021.
2) Technifutur
Development of 2 out of 3 in-house staff training sessions

Difficulties encountered

Clarification of the specifications of the Special Conditions of Contract in case of public procurement or for the purchase of modules
Impossibility of physically hosting an external trainer during the COVID period, making it difficult to train internal teams in the use of the modules.

Potential for learning or transfer

Regarding the Learning process:
Compare and contrast the Walloon model “Demonstrator 4.0” with the 2 other initiatives developed in the partner regions (Tuscany & Silesia).
Draw on the lessons learned by the partners to improve the model currently deployed in our region.
Methodological assistance, experience in setting up projects, help in drawing up special specifications, sharing experience in welcoming and caring for users and learners with a variety of profiles.
Main institution
Prov. Hainaut, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
October 2018
End Date


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